Revive the Hive

The Beez Kneez, LLC

Beez Kneez mission is to Revive the Hive for Healthy Bees, Healthy Lives!

Established in 2010, Beez Kneez, LLC is a honeybee education organization that delivers raw, local honey by bicycle, provides in-hive education classes at Twin Cities community gardens, parks, school and urban farms. Our headquarters and the first ever community beekeeping center, The Beez Kneez Honey House WILL BE CLOSED FOR THE MONTH OF APRIL. THE BEES ARE COMING AND WE ARE REMODELING!  WE WILL REOPEN FOR OUR SUMMER HOURS IN MAY. STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFO.

Registration for summer classes is now open! Put on a beekeeping suit and learn more about bees with us. More information and registration here.

The MN Legislative session is almost over and we need your help!

There are two pollinator bills that will be voted on next week, but first, they need to get out of conference committee!  Please contact your senators and representatives to express your support of these bills!

HF 2908 (Hansen)/ SF2727 (Dibble)–Beekeeper Compensation–This bill concerns bees and other pollinators killed by pesticide. If the pesticide applicator cannot be identified or the pesticide applicator is identified and found to have followed application instructions and restrictions on the product’s label, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) could compensate the bee owner from state Pesticide Regulatory Account. The Pesticide Regulatory Account contains the fees and penalties paid to MDA by pesticide manufacturers, distributors, and applicators.

The bill also authorizes MDA to form a pollinator emergency response team and declares the Minnesota Zoo the official state pollinator bank.

SF 2695 (Dziedic) / HF 2798 (Hansen): This bill defines “pollinator lethal insecticides,” and says that nurseries cannot label plants as pollinator-friendly if they’ve been pretreated with these pesticides.  It prohibits labeling or advertising a plant, plant material, or nursery stock as beneficial to pollinators if the plant was treated with an insecticide that was absorbed by the plant and, as a result, the plant is lethal to pollinators.

What Can You Do?

Please contact your Minnesota State Representative and Senator and ask the to vote YES on bee keeper compensation and pesticide labeling.

How do I find out who represents me? Go to this web site to learn who your state Representative and Senator are:

Then contact your Representative and Senator and ask them to support pollinator-friendly legislation.

The website for Minnesota House email addresses:

The website for Minnesota Senate email addresses:

We recognize that bees are vital to our food system and work to raise awareness around the health and protection of pollinators. Learn more about our work for Healthy Bees Healthy Lives at

More information: HBHL Pollinator Legislation 2014.


We are located at 2204 Minnehaha Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55404 612-990-9770.

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