Hand-Crafted Mustard: Halligalli or Fleur de Beez

Hand-Crafted Mustard: Halligalli or Fleur de Beez


Did you know that bees pollinate mustard? We have 2 different varieties of hand-crafted mustard. Made with the Beez Kneez Country Wildflower honey, organic herbs and spices.  

Fleur de Beez Creole-style Mustard 7 oz. Jar

Fleur de Beez is eclectic yet classic: two parts sassy, seedy underbelly and one part refined, old-world style. Brassy, robust and punchy. It’s well-dressed and carousing in a smoky jazz club. The Beez Kneez has been dressed to the nines and is ready to dance to ragtime.

Fleur de Beez Creole-Style Mustard is the first in a series of mustards made with Beez Kneez Honey. Just as the mustard plant is a great companion for the bees, honey is an exquisite ingredient in prepared mustard. To pay homage to the incredible honey the bees have provided, the seeds, spices and herbs are organically sourced and selected for their superb flavor.

Our mustard is handmade in small batches at The Beez Kneez Honey House in Minneapolis. Fleur de Beez works great in many applications: on sandwiches, in a salad dressing, on a charcuterie or cheese plate, with your favorite meat or seafood.


Hand-crafted Mustard "Halligalli" Dusseldorf style 7oz jar

Halligalli: a cheerful, noisy bustle; buzzing with joy. Boisterous, balanced and bittersweet. It’s two parts fiery, one part joyful German beer. Düsseldorfers do cartwheels. Bees do the waggle dance. Halligalli is the reward!

Halligalli Dusseldorf Hot Mustard is our second mustard sensation made with Beez Kneez Honey. The inspiration: Dusseldorf, Germany’s oldest tradition involves kids doing cartwheels down the street to celebrate. Coupled with the fact that  honey bees do the waggle dance to communicate the location of a good food source, Halligalli Dusseldorf Hot Mustard was born.  AND in an effort to celebrate delicious German mustard and our beloved bees, we partnered with Town Hall Brewery to add a traditional German lager and created a mustard that is sure to make you do dance , do cartwheels or both!

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