We have extracted over 10,000's of pounds of honey using the Honey Cycle since 2013 and want to share this wonderful machine with the world

Great for individuals, families, beekeeping communities and learning centers

price=$2,300.00(includes taxes and shipping) To purchase online-Click Here to visit our shop

Questions or for purchase and pick up at our retail location, call us at 612-806-2582 or email Info@thebeezkneezdelivery.com

Check out this awesome article about the honey cycle in Forbes!

Details and more info

  • The Beez Kneez Honey Cycle is easy to use, clean and store. More stable, strong, user friendly, and mobile than the hand-crank.

  • More environmentally friendly than the motorized and extracts honey just as fast.

  • Adjustable and geared for ease-of-use by all- including kids (ages 7 and up) .

  • Unique, pragmatic features like an internal filter and an adjustable tilt mechanism for easy-pouring, bottling and cleaning. Also, top comes off so you can bottle your honey straight from the honey gate on the tank.

  • Designed and built locally to last.

  • The Beez Kneez Honey Cycle Pedal Powered Extractor features-Stainless steel, food safe extractor-Lids for top of extractor to prevent honey splashing-Fits 4 super/medium frames, or 2 deep frames-Easy for all levels of bike rider. 3 to 8 revolution ratio: 3 pedals equal 8 revolutions of the frames.-Built-in filter that sits between extractor and bottling tank. No filtering outside of tank!-Wheels on base of extractor for easy moving, cleaning and storage-No electricity needed-Built in USA-simple assembly required


It all started when…

In 2010, The Beez Kneez, LLC was born out of a sticky marriage between bikes and bees of delivering honey to the sweet beeople of Minneapolis.  In 2011, The Beez Kneez LLC was gifted a broken hand-crank extractor. After some cumbersome attempts to make it go with a drill on her first honey harvest, owner Kristy Lynn Allen had an idea. What about making a pedal-powered honey extractor?  Your legs are stronger than your back. Anyway, we can use bicycles to power the business, lessen our carbon footprint and make for a fun way to harvest liquid gold. Win win win!

So We partnered with local bike Mechanic of perrenial cycle, Karl with a k stoerzinger, the man with the master plan, and a team of local engineers to design the best version we could. 4 generations later, in 2017 we sold one to the MN landscape arboretum tashijan bee and pollinator discovery center and one to the University of MN bee squad in partnership the horst m Relchebacher foundation site in osceola, WI.  In 2018 we sold 2 more to local beekeepers and in 2019, the story of the Honey Cycle was featured in Forbes