Club Camp Beez Kneez

Club Camp Beez Kneez

  • 1 queen cell from local, overwintered stock ($10 value)

  • 1 beez kneez  t-shirt ($15 value)

  • $10 off honey extraction rental

  • 5% discount on beekeeping supplies (because we are switching suppliers, we will be discontinuing the offer outside club membership)

  • $10 off all new classes! Including a spring and fall workshop on using nucs to help you use that queen cell, Camp Beez Kneez Open Apiary time offered exclusively to you 1-2 per month(depending on interest) throughout the season. Join us at one of our teaching apiaries manage bees with us and ask any questions you like.  1.5 hours of mentorship held 1-2 x per month(depending on interest), $25 for members, $35 for non-members(only offered to non-members if classes don't fill with club members).  

  • Monthly newsletter with updates on our management and other bee related info

  • First dibs on buying bees when available (ideally you won't need to buy bees every year!)

  • Annual harvest party at Beez Kneez Honey House in September

  • Supporting a small, social enterprise grow!