Managing A Sustainable Apiary Utilizing Nucleus Colonies

Managing A Sustainable Apiary Utilizing Nucleus Colonies


 After several years of experimenting with the models of self sustaining apiaries promoted by the likes of Mike Palmer and Kirk Webster,  we have experienced improved success and learned a lot!  Please join us in a hands on experience learning how we utilize nucs to meet the ultimate goal of a self sustaining apiary.

  • 6 sessions, 3 hours per session
  • Saturdays 2-5pm
  • Option to buy a nuc mid season to overwinter
  • Hands on class catered to experienced beekeepers (3 years min.)
  • Locally raised queens from overwintered nucs

Dates: May 19th, June 2nd, June 23rd, July 21st, August 4th, September 15th

Benefits to overwintering nucs...

  • Use them for mite control via splits and brood breaks
  • Smaller and easier to move
  • Ability to have young, local queens on hand to fix issues with other colonies 
  • Once system with nucs is established, should not have to be bees every year