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Owner and sawyer of Propolis Hive Company Christian Dahm

Owner and sawyer of Propolis Hive Company Christian Dahm

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In the age of amazon and cheap goods from giant companies that have consolidated and dominate the market, retailing beekeeping equipment is increasingly a challenge. What makes us different? As beekeepers and educators, we offer exceptional customer service for the new and experienced beekeeper. We take pride and care in sourcing our supplies from other eco-conscious beekeepers. As of 2019, we are sourcing most of our supplies from Betterbee-”beekeepers serving beekeepers” .

We have also become the exclusive retailer of Propolis Hive Company’s Patent Pending textured hive body. In nature, honeybees coat the walls of their nests with propolis(plant-based resin). Research has found propolis to act like a natural pharmacy for bees. The hive bodies made by Propolis Hive Company allow the bees to fill the standard Langstroth hive body with natural defenses, giving the beekeeper another tool to keep their bees healthy. We are proud to work with owner Christian Dahm who sustainably cuts white pine in MN and mills the boxes with incredible craftsmanship. Starting March 1st, available in 10 frame deeps, 10 frame mediums and nucs.

Beginner Beekeeper kits

Woodenware-hive bodies/frames etc.

Propolis Hive Company textured boxes

wax foundation and Wiring kits

Complete Nuc Kits

The Beez Kneez “Honey Cycle”pedal-powered Extractor




Organic Mite Treatments



Much More!

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Beekeeping Classes at The Beez kneez Honey House this month

Honeybee Behavior: Why did my bees do that? Sunday, March 24th, 2019 2-5pm
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Honeybee Behavior: Why did my bees do that? Sunday, March 24th, 2019 2-5pm

Date: Sunday, March 24th 2019

Time: 2-5pm

Cost:$25 ($15 for Club Camp Beez Kneez Members)

Like humans, domestic pets such as dogs and cats, are mammals and easier for us to understand. The gap between honeybee behavior and humans is much greater. We tend to anthropomorphize bees which leads to them constantly surprising us, as they are insects, not humans. Learn about honeybee biology and behavior so you can better anticipate what they are doing in their hive. We will cover things like how bee orient/navigate, how/why the hive "decides" to swarm or make a new queen, and what a bee does when it's sick or going to die. We will directly relate these to beekeeping in the Minnesota climate and how you can better manage your hive with this knowledge.  This includes diving into winter bees, how the bees cluster in the cold and stay alive and when they need food.

Instructors:  Urban Beekeeper Jennifer Radtke assisted by Kristy Lynn Allen of The Beez Kneez 

For:  New and experienced beekeepers


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Our store is stocked to serve hobby-small scale beekeepers.  If you want something specific or have questions about what is in stock, please contact us!

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