Beez Kneez Education


The Beez Kneez teaches about honey bees using experiential education and offers classes to individuals and groups, young and old.

Our in hive classes are done for the season, but contact us at the info below to reserve your spot for 2015 or to buy a gift certificate for a class.

We all care about bees right now.  They’re pollinators to the flowering plants that make up our ecosystems, including our food ecosystems.  1 in 3 bites we eat was brought to us through honey bee pollination, and they’re dying. One way to help bees is to learn more about them.

Why not do so in a beekeeping suit with one of our Beez Kneez classes?

We love to teach with bees and offer safe, immersive experiences working a honey bee hive. In each class, we’ll put you in a beekeeping suit, we’ll open up one of our Beez Kneez hives and teach you a few things about what bees do, how we keep them, and what’s going on with them these days. Meet the queen, see the brood, and if the hive is ready, taste honey straight from the bees.

Classes are held at a Beez Kneez Urban Apiary Partner Site- a community garden, urban farm, park or school close to you.  All in hive classes run May-September annually.  Did you miss the opportunity to put on suit and hang out with bees with us this summer? Contact to order a gift certificate for class next summer.

Registration below!

Please contact Erin for more information or to schedule a Work Retreat, Exclusive Date, Visit, Field Trip or Birthday Party.  We offer our classes at your school, workplace, library, garden, birthday party or event and are also available for speaking engagements about the state of bees and the work we do., 612-245-6384.

The Buzz on Beez-The Beez Kneez Community Class

$35/ adult, $20/ under 12. Perfect for your family, friends  those looking for something fun and educational to do, those interested in getting the feel of beekeeping before diving in. Learn more here or sign up for our last class of the season at Longfellow Gardens with Minneapolis Parks!

Date Night: Honey & Hive

Enjoy a memorable moment with your sweetheart. Sign up as a pair, join other couples, and hop into a beekeeping suit as we explore the sweet life. Local honey sampling included. Sign up here, $35 adult.  Want to be alone with your sweetie, the instructor and 50,000 bees? Exclusive dates offered for $90. Contact to schedule.

Beez Kneez Bundle: follow the bees through a season.

Want to hang out with bees every month? With the bundle program, we’ll visit the hive once a month for the summer, checking in on and hanging out with the bees as they grow.  A Bundle is five 1.5 hour classes over the summer, with the last* held at The Beez Kneez Honey House, learning how to extract honey from the hives we’ve worked all season!

Stay tuned- we’ll post bundle options for 2015 in the spring!

2014 Bundle Dates:

Longfellow Thursday Bundle, 5:45pm-7:15pm  First Thursday of the month: June 5th, July 10th (moved for July 4th week), August 7th, September 4th*

Longfellow Sunday Bundle, 4:00pm-5:30pm Third Sunday of the month: June 15th, July 20th, August 17th, September 21st, October 19th*

Register here! Search “bundle”  If you missed the first class, don’t worry, you can still sign up! contact for more info.

The Beez Kneez Field Trips

The Beez Kneez Field Trips are held at one of our community apiary sites and are tailored to grade level and topic focus. We rotate through small group stations so everyone gets a close look and the experience of holding a frame of bees, of sampling honey straight from the hive.  Field trips are 1.5 hours and $180 for up to 35 students.   Want to bring your grade level?  To give each student the experience in the hive, we recommend adding 1/2 hr ($60) to your program per 35 students so everyone has time in a beekeeping suit. To schedule a field trip contact

The Beez Kneez Visit-Honey bee lessons brought to you!

We translate our field trip lessons to classrooms, libraries, events, gardens, you name it. We’ll bring our field trip lesson to you, with beekeeping suits to try on, honey to sample, beekeeping equipment to use, and, when the season is right, a working observation hive of honey bees with a viewing window- so we can see the bees but they can’t get out to protect themselves.  Visits are $120/ hr plus mileage. To schedule a Beez Kneez Visit contact

Bzzy Birthday

Celebrate your birthday with the bees! Party with 30,000 of your new friends, perfect for children and adults. Contact us for more info.

Worker Bee: Corporate Workshops

Plan your next offsite meeting in a field or at the honey house. Contact to schedule.

Do you want the Beez Kneez to speak or table at your event? Aren’t sure which class to take?  Contact

Look for us in the Chinook Book and redeem your coupon at our immersive in-hive classes  May-October.

*The Beez Kneez Education was formerly known as Community Bees on Bikes.